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In the past two days, I jumped through some major hoops in what must have been THE LONGEST JOB INTERVIEW EVER!

How long could it be, you ask? I was there from 1pm to sometime after 5:30pm. Not only did I meet with like seven different people, I also had to complete a writing test (part 1) and fill out a job application. After I left the building, I scurried on home to work on writing test (part 2), which was due the next day. On top of that, I had 7 thank you e-mails to write as well.

Needless to say, I went to bed last night very, very tired.

I suspect that once they review my tests and speak to my professional reference(s), I just might hear back on next steps if all goes well. And after what was practically a 24 hour interview (I finished and turned in writing test 2 at 1pm the following day), I sure hope that I will level-up on the interview process for this company.

Special Thanks to TT, CK, MT and BL for helping me catch all my grammar, punctuation and spelling errors on my second writing test. I owe you all lunch. Please contact me directly to collect. :p

natalie dee

On another note, for those of you newbies who have never applied to a public relations job before, be prepare to either (1) provide writing samples or (2) take a writing test. These writing tests usually consists of reviewing a document for obvious grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes and/or writing a PR document like a media pitch or press release. Why you ask? You can’t be a communications person if you can’t communicate properly, so you better drop those bad habits, you l33t sp34k people.