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Natalie Dee

This morning at 9AM sharp, I arrived at the local unemployment office where I was “invited” for a scheduled appointment with an unnamed person who would help me find a job (or else I would risk losing my unemployment insurance benefits). So as instructed, I arrived on-time with a completed work search history worksheet filled out (they sent this to me) and had my social security card and driver’s license ready.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. In my mind, I imagined a one-on-one meeting with a social worker who would take me back to her cubicle and grill me my job search and why I hadn’t been hired already after so many different interviews.

But in reality…..this appointment was more like a group seminar about how unemployment insurance works and how to make sure that you still get your check. Despite the late start, extra paperwork, random interruptions and irrelevant ramblings…..there were two good take-aways that people should be aware about:

1) CalJobs: I was aware that in order to receive my unemployment insurance, I needed to sign up for CalJobs and post my resume. What I didn’t know is that I need to frequently log-on and look for jobs on this site; otherwise, EDD will assume that I am no longer looking for work (i.e. stop sending me money). Too bad, EDD can’t just team up with Craig’s List or Yahoo HotJobs.

2) Unemployment Benefit Continued Claim Form: So in order to receive unemployment benefits, I must submit the continued claim form every two weeks to indicate that I have been actively looking for work. According to our “speaker” we do not need to list all the employeers that we have solicited on the back of this form. While not filling that section out would save me a lot of time, I will continue to do so. Personally, I am not entirely convinced on this suggestion and so just for the record, I will keep on listing my prospective employers.