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California’s unemployment rate rocketed up 0.6 percentage point in May – the largest one-month increase since the state began keeping records in 1976 – as the fallout from high energy prices and the depressed housing market rippled through the state’s economy.
—-Sam Zuckerman, San Francisco Chronicle

Natalie Dee

Oh how lovely – now that the numbers are officially in, I can now say that I am part of that 0.6 percent blip in the state’s unemployment rate. What a wonderful day to start round #3 of my job hunt. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right, I am now in my third round of resumes and applications.

My round #1 and round #2 prospects are (a) not looking exceptionally bright (meaning I have yet to get an offer/interview or final response) or (b) have rejected me with a nice note/call. As such, I decided to kick-off my third round of resumes this morning. I hope you are happy lady luck….she’s probably having a great big haha at my expense.

At least I am able to receive an unemployment check (even it its just a little bit of money), ’cause this job hunt has become quite the full time job. The employment gap in my resume is growing, which means it will only get harder and harder to find a job as time goes on……my unemployment saga continues……..