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As we all know, Northern California is a bit lacking in the big amusement park department. No worries, we still have Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom, formerly known as Marine World, Six Flag’s Marine World and Marine World Africa USA. Hopefully, they stick to this name this time around, ’cause it gets a little confusing for us consumers.

The first time I went (i.e. last year), I was a bit surprised at all the animals that they had on site. It was more entertaining than a zoo. I especially liked the many Toyota vehicles “subtly” parked as if they were another wildlife creature on display. This time around (i.e. this past weekend), Toyota decided to switch back to go ol’ traditional bill boards.

Toyota FJ Cruiser, originally uploaded by Lovelady57

In addition to the rides and way over-priced mall food court food, the animal shows are always entertaining. Though on one note, they seem to be getting shorter and shorter each time. I, along with DL and company, watched Shouka the killer whale and a very cheesy bird show.

Natalie Dee

PR Notes: Discovery Kingdom recently opened Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, a new roller coaster that looked like a lot of fun. Full Disclosure: I didn’t ride it since the line looked rather long.

From what I can tell, their big media promotion was through radio–A pay-for-play opportunity with the SF Bay Area’s Alice 97.2’s morning show. The show’s hosts, Sarah and No Name, did a live show on-site during the day of the ride’s grand opening. At the time, I was still employed so I wondered how many people were actually able to go since the show took place on a Friday morning….