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Today, I took full advantage of the fact that I have no job and watched one of the first showing of the Sex and the City movie this afternoon for a very nice matinee price. I am admittedly, a latecomer to the SATC craze – I finished watching the whole series only a few months ago on DVD after being first introduced to the series via TBS reruns – But I thought it was a pretty good movie. If its any indication, DL (who was maybe the only straight guy in the theater) did not fall asleep once.

The theater was surprisingly not full, but that’s because all of die hard fans (the young, cosmopolitan working women) were at work, working hard for their ticket money. But unfortunately for them, they would soon face a mass fight for tickets (unless they Fandago it). From what I hear, the movie is completely sold out in all of the San Francisco theaters today (opening day). So good luck to all of you SATC fans who are trying to catch the movie.

Word of advice for the novice blockbuster movie go-er: Buy your tickets ahead of time and show up at least an hour early to wait in line. It just sucks to pay full price for a movie, only to be forced to watch it from the first row and leave with permanent neck problems. Heed this warning….I speak from weeks of experience having watched Iron Man, Speed Racer, Narnia, Indiana Jones on their opening weekends.

PR Notes: These past few weeks, the SATC foursome have been on road, promoting the film in full force. I can’t say for sure, but it seems as if they are using a divide-and-conquer strategy, with each of the four starlets taking media interviews separately to promote the movie to more outlets. This has certainly helped add to the buzz surrounding the movie these past few days.