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Last week, as I was facing eminent unemployment, it dawned on me that it just might be a good idea to start a “resume blog” where I could post my resume and supplement my one-page resume with a showcase my “knowledge” on consumer trends, PR, marketing, etc.

Natalie Dee


And so, in the ultimate act of shameless self-promotion, I bought my own dot com with my namesake. Its still very much a work in progress, but I have a few posts up if you are interested in reading. Special thanks to my dear cousin (and professional graphic designer) for the design and layout advice and to CK for all of the great examples and suggestions.

I think once I workout all the kinks, I will be able to add an “expertise” in SEO and SEM to my resume…..(i.e. expert in driving traffic to a web site).

Other Resume Blogs:
Just know that this wasn’t entirely on a whim, I did a bit of research to see who in my industry would do such a thing. What I found is that there are a number of PR pros who do have their own blogs where they are able to showcase their knowledge of social media tools and industry knowledge, though these blogs are not necessarily named after the author. It should be noted that most “resume blogs” are used by web developers, graphic designers, artists and photographers (which makes sense).

LATA vs. My Dot Com
So what’s the difference between Life After The Agency (LATA) and my dot com? Just as an FYI, LATA will be more about me (not too personal though) and a little less about public relations (though I’ll keep the intrigue and gossip stories here), while my dot com will be a little more topic focused specifically on consumer trends in Asian and Asian Americans.