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I can’t go to work right now, even if I wanted to…..the bridge to work has been closed due to a multiple vehicle accident. In hindsight, it was a very fortunate decision to not leave on time. Special thanks to TT for giving me the heads up before I walked out the door.

So while I am at home, preparing for my new state of gainful unemployment, Life After The Agency 2.0 is now being launched bit-by-bit with my new tag line being “Chronicles Of An Unemployed, Free Agent of Public Relations.” I thought that “Chronicles Of An Unemployed Flack” was a bit catchier but not quite the connotation that I wanted to give myself. Accordingly, I have updated my prologue to document the changes.

Natalie Dee


Last night, I kicked off my unemployment with sushi and sake. With the unbearably sunny weather and almost 100 degree temperatures, cold raw fish was an ideal dinner. My evening was later followed by some time dedicated to trying to update my resume yet again while scanning the job market on Craigslist.com and Monster.com. No comment at this time on my prospects.

This morning, I made my second attempt (the phone line was busy in my first attempt to file yesterday) for unemployment insurance, but was temporarily rejected. Contrary to what I was told by HR yesterday, I cannot file in advance. Since I will be staying until next Thursday as I was given a full week’s notice, I am technically not qualified. Guess I’ll be calling back, this time next week.