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natalie dee


Looking at the headlines of all the leading and local daily newspapers, it’s not secret that the economy isn’t doing very well these day. Real estate, manufacturing and retail are some of the heavily hit areas (I’m sure that there are others on the list, but that’s just what comes to mind right now.)

Well, it all hit home today as I’ll be soon unemployed and back on the job market.

Since this “breaking news” is just merely an hour hold, I really can’t say that I have much of a plan of action in place. But perhaps, this maybe an appropriate moment for me to become a full time blogger.

Just remember, boys and girls, shit can happen anywhere and at anytime. It’s just rather ironic that I should be laid off not too long after finding a job that’s been a dream up until now. Nevertheless, I still have no regrets about leaving The Agency and going in-house. It has been an eye-opening experience to see how the rest of the world works.

But I am optimistic and (strangely enough) am rather curious what its like to be unemployed……it’s like I am finally getting my “break” between graduation and working that I never had.