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Today is my blog’s two month anniversary and I am happy to report that as of today, over 5,000 visitors have came to my site. For sure, this would not have been possible without Edison Chen –So to really highlight his impact on my site, I’d like to share some interesting statistics

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Bare with me as I think out loud — I reached my first milestone of 1,000 visitors in only a week and a half after starting my blog. But after reaching this rapid “peak” my per day visitor count has dropped significantly. As predicted, Edison and company has decreased as a popular search term to draw people to my blog. Likewise, Jeff Ma and Robert Irvine have not had nearly the same kind of impact. This just goes to show that sex and scandals sell very well.

natalie dee

While it seems that people have taken a liking to my “public relations notes” on life and news/gossip, my first post about Edison Chen continues to be a very tough act to follow, though my second post about Edison Chen is equally popular. So this leads me to conclude that I either need to follow Edison Chen’s every move until I am bored out of my mind or to seek out the next big thing on the Asian tabloids and write my P.R. heart out……any thoughts?

But seriously, I think that this just means that I need to refine my blog and focus its content and themes. If I learned anything at the BlogHER Business Conference, its that the most successful blogs are not personal blogs (unless you are really ready to bare your soul to the world without any misgivings like Heather B. Armstrong of www.dooce.com). Instead they have a consistent theme and a community around them. So stay tuned as I do some spring cleaning.