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Just in case anyone was wondering why I have yet to write anything on former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and Tang Wei (or anything for that matter), I have been in denial of my cold until today. I called in sick and have been sleeping for 14 plus hours. After this post, I’ll be off to sleep some more once the TheraFlu kicks in.

On another note, the big question that my cold raises though is how is it possible to fall ill when the weather has been just lovely (very sunny and bright) and the office plague has long since passed!?!?

Additionally, the only contact that I have had with sick people has been through the Internet. So unless a report comes out that human viruses can be transmitted virtually, I’ll just remain at a loss of words (literally….I have a horrible sore throat).

As a cautionary note: Stock up on real Vitamin C and not AirBorne or Emergen C. So far, nothing has been reported about Emergen C having had mislead the public through false advertisement, but having noticed that people at The Agency who believed in these two miracles the most were the ones with the most compromised immune systems. Still ain’t no cure for the common cold yet, no matter what they say on the box.

natalie dee