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As if Edison didn’t have enough problems already with his current sex photo scandal……

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Yesterday, I was alerted this latest development – T-shirts that are turning the scandal’s key catch phrases (i.e. “silly and naive”) and other references into a cash cow. Looks like Clot is going to have some competition on their hands. On another note, I’ve got to hand it to Hong Kong people – They can turn anything into an opportunity to make money and/or a fashion statement…..just recall the fashion masks that were sold and used during the SARs epidemic.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these shirts, they are available on-line here. Just know that you’ll be paying in Hong Kong dollars and will probably need to pay for a lot of shipping. Also kindly note, I normally wouldn’t offer any company such as shameless plug like this, but these shirts are just too funny not to share. Enjoy!

[UPDATE] FanBan, the company behind the “Edison, Shoot Me Too” T-Shirt Collection has a MySpace and has made their T-Shirts available to the U.S. and Canada through the CafePress.com