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A couple of days ago, I had crazy craving to eat fondue, melted cheese and bread to be exact. It probably developed as a result of eating a LOT of bread and butter (a fancy loaf of sweet batard bread from the French bakery in Berkeley, La Farine and some very high-end, locally-made, butter with minced garlic from Mollie Stone‘s) over the course of the day.

Anyhow, to appease my cravings I looked up several different recipes for fondue on The Food Network. Did you know that there is alcohol in fondue? Most recipes called for a dry white wine but you could also put Vodka, Brandy or beer into the mix. Here I was thinking that all I would need is a chunk of cheese and some seasoning. So I picked a Swiss fondue recipe that sounded easy enough to pull off…and headed to Lucky’s.

At the deli section, I walked in circles around the cheese section but to my (not too surprised) dismay, none of the cheeses on my list were sold. What I did find though was a some instant fondue in a box.

“Made in Switzerland” said the back of the box, so it can’t be that bad. I took it home and set off to test out my new foodie find. After roasting some minced garlic for flavor, adding the packaged cheese mixture, stirring and added a touch of paprika, I was done. Took some bread and I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore.

For less than $10, this was a very good fondue, especially when you consider how much fondue restaurants will charge you per person, for the same pot of cheese (more or less).

The following night, I made the same pot with the second half of the packaged cheese mixture for my brother and my cousin. Both approved as well, even impressed that such delicious fondue could come from a box.

Lesson Learned: Don’t discount food just because it comes ready-made in a box. It just might be a delicious meal. I recommend all readers of this blog who are not lactose intolerant to go out and buy some instant fondue and try it. It’s a well-worth it, piece of heaven in your mouth, even if it means regretting all the cheese and bread you ate the next day.