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To start off, let me introduce myself. Hello, My name is Daisy and this is my blog. Growing up, it was unusual for me to find any other kids named “Daisy”….not that this was a bad thing. Though interestingly enough, I did find that many of my classmates’ families (even one family member) would name their pets –dogs, cats and cows, “Daisy”.

My online alias is dayseye, which was based on my name’s definition (see below). I have used this name for as long as I have blogged, which first began sometime before blogs were called “blogs.” That blog has long since been abandon (plus the blog server/platform no longer exists either) along with its other not very successful reincarnations. Hope this new venture will stand the test of times.

Daisy \da(i)-sy\ — Old English origin, and its meaning is “day’s eye”. A name for a flower with white petals and yellow disc at the center, much like the sun.

On another interesting but unrelated note, the name “Daisy” is on the rise among parents of new babies. As you can see from chart 1, “Daisy” has slowly been gaining traction since my birth, but hopefully more so among humans than pets.

Chart 1: Popularity of the name “Daisy” from 1880 – 2000

Other notable Daisy(s):